Foreign Journalist Insulted by ‘Blue Ribbon’ Hong Kongers


Today marks the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from Britain back to China. Hong Kong National Party, a local political party that supports the Hong Kong Independence movement, originally scheduled a gathering to "mourn the 20 years' fall of Hong Kong", but was banned by the police. The gathering was therefore canceled, yet there were still over 200 middle-aged Chinese assembled at the Tsim Sha Tsui pier. It was suspected that these people were "blue ribbon" wearers, who support the communist party and the central Chinese government.

These middle-aged blue ribbon crowds did not see the Hong Kong National Party showing up for the gathering, and "attacked" the foreign journalist instead, with a lot of swearing and insulting such as "bastard", "Get Out" in both English and Mandarin. The foreign journalist in black shirt looked completely helpless.

Not long after, a man with glasses that spoke fluent Cantonese stood up for the foreign journalist, and asked the men and women who made a huge scene to "go back to mainland China". The man then was also cornered and pushed by the crowds, and was asked to get out of Hong Kong since "he isn't Chinese if he supports foreigners".

The foreign journalist in black shirt claimed that he was working with a group of other foreign journalists at that time, and was suddenly insulted by the Chinese guy in red cap. He emphasised that he did nothing to provocate their actions. He also said that he has been working and living in Hong Kong for seven years. "I love Hong Kong and I am part of Hong Kong".

Marco Lupis - Giornalista
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